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Re: Adding -l option to cp

D'Arcy J.M. Cain <> wrote:

> I find the -l option in FreeBSD extremely usefule and find myself
> installing coreutils on NetBSD just to get the GNU cp.  It would be
> nice to add this to NetBSD.  Would anyone object if I applied the
> following patch?

Didn't we have this discussion about cp -a just a month or so ago?

Are we going to add every other misguided cp option that other systems
added b/c people are apparently unable to learn pax(1)?

core@ - can you please decide if we want to inflict that on our cp(1)
and then we can just import all of them new options at once instead of
people proposing their favorite option every other month?

PS: I wonder if a new '*.cp' archive file format is going to be
proposed eventually.


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