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libisns contribution from Wasabi Systems, Inc

Wasabi Systems Inc have kindly contributed their iSCSI initiator
(kernel-based) to NetBSD, and have asked that it be part of the NetBSD
distribution.  The core team and release engineering team would love
to see this happen - it's in the roadmap for NetBSD 6.0 - and the
first part of this, the userland iSNS library, can be found here:

As it stands now, this is the original Wasabi Systems code, brought
forward to NetBSD-current, and made to compile with WARNS=4.

The other parts of the iSCSI initiator will follow as further
contributions at a later date.  The license on the code is the
same as that on the WAPBL mods for ffs.

If there are no objections, I'd like to commit this code later on this

Best wishes,

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