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postfix doc-bug reporting?

There's one of my machines I recently moved from 1.4T to 4.0.1 (it's
i386 and I wanted the performance boost of DMA instead of PIO on its
disks, and on that machine was willing to put up with 4.0.1's relative
downsides to get it).

Today, I noticed I'd never moved over the logging stuff from the old
OS.  So I moved that over, and, in the process, noticed that postfix
was trying to run even though I had set postfix=NO in rc.conf, probably
because something was trying to send mail.  (The machine generates the
occasional email, though it doesn't receive any mail from the net, not
even the local net.)

I could have gone through setting up sendmail on it, but I decided to
give postfix a try.  (sendmail has the advantage of familiarity, but
that familiarity comes with a fairly thorough knowledge of its
failings, too.)  I finally have it working, but I now have two doc-bugs
to report.  The closest I see to a bug-reporting channel in the
documentation is the postfix-users@ list, but I thought first I'd check
in here.  Would it be worth a send-pr, or should I go straight to
upstream, or is nobody likely to care, or what?

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