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Re: Renaming _C and friends to _CTYPE_C

> our ctype.h uses the very generic single upper letter macro names for
> the ctype masks.  That is bad as it is also useful for naming
> function arguments in header files etc.  Any objection to
> consistently rename them by prefixing them with _CTYPE?

Not that it matters all that much to me, but I think this would be a
good thing to do.

However, I also think this is a wrong reason.  I think function
arguments should not have names in header files (well, assuming you
mean in prototype declarations; definitions provided in haeders for
inlining are a different can of worms).  That is, "int foo(int);", not
"int foo(int _ANYTHING);".  If documentation is called for, that's what
comments were invented for.

So, I imagine this is an argument of some kind, but I'm not entirely
sure whether for or against. :)

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