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Re: Serving UTF-8 via NFS to Mac OS X

On 12/04/2010 12:53 AM, Thomas Klausner wrote:

When serving files with UTF-8 file names to a Mac OS X machine via
NFS, I often get into trouble since the client can display the file
names, but can't access the files.
I understand that this is caused by Mac OS X expecting its file names
to be in UTF-8 decomposed form while NetBSD by default has precomposed
(or the other way round :) ).

Is there a way to serve these files to the client without this
problem, and without having to rename all files on the server?
This is not only a problem with NFS buth other file systems as well.
The standard says something like "Use precompose when storing stuff"
which everyone does except OSX.  Usually the clients can understand
decompose also so it do not matter, but the finder have trouble
interpreting precompose :-(  I think it works from the shell prompt
on OSX, but not from finder.

We get the same problem with AFS; everything works perfectly fine on
Windows and Unix, but if someone has created a directory (on !OSX) the
OSX machines cannot access them.

The only correct thing to do is to convince Apple to fix their implementation,
trying to fix the other platforms are likely to introduce more bugs and

We use the recommendation: "do not use national characters when creating
files or directories in shared disk areas".

-- Ragge

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