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Re: MKLUA variable

On Oct,Sunday 31 2010, at 7:25 PM, Stathis Kamperis wrote:

> 2010/10/31 Adam Hamsik <>:
>> Hi,
>> I think that with LUA import we should add mk variable to disable LUA from 
>> build. Because not everyone will want to install LUA on their 
>> systems(embedded devices e.g.), if we add other software which will depend 
>> on lua it should be conditionally compiled in with MKLUA, too. I was asked 
>> by Mark to discuss this issue on public mailing list first, so here is it 
>> [1].
>> [1]
>> Regards
>> Adam.
> I agree.
> (Also, I'd like it to default to 'no', but that may be a far-fetched request.)

It's going to be set to yes by default but anyone can locally switch it off.



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