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Re: resize_ffs improvements

In article <>,
Adam Hamsik  <> wrote:
>I have done some small improvements to resize_ffs. With [1] patch it ask
>for confirmation if user has run fsck on filesystem (requested by agc@)
>and I have changed default behaviour of tool to grow filesystem to
>device size by default, shrinking is still possible with -s parameter. I
>would like to commit this patch and add resize_ffs to release build to
>have at least ffsv1 grow/shrink working for users.

- How will the code after you call err(3) get reached in get_dev_size?
- Why return 0 size instead of erroring out when the partition is not found?
- whitespace in while for getopt
- whitespace around = in strtoul in main.
- whitespace in strcasecmp in main.
- whitespace in exit
- knf the printf
- why do you use err(1, and err(EXIT_FAILURE, ?
- usage should be noreturn.

Thanks for working on ith.


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