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gnu gettext binaries contain ${DESTDIR} references


I noticed this when building lynx:

  msginit --no-translator -l en -i lynx.pot
  /bin/sh: Can't open /usr/obj/sun3/build/usr/share/gettext/project-id
  msginit: /usr/obj/sun3/build/usr/share/gettext/project-id subprocess I/O error

which is because I built to an object directory tree and



  CPPFLAGS+=-DLIBDIR=\"${DESTDIR}/usr/share\" \
      -DPROJECTSDIR=\"${DESTDIR}/usr/share\" \

(src/gnu/usr.bin/gettext/libnlspr/Makefile also contains DESTDIR references).
If we removed the DESTDIR references from the Makefiles, we would still see
an error, because no /usr/share/gettext exists (at least on 5*), which is
where msginit expects the project-id script to live.

Should we remove the DESTDIR references, install the project-id script, both
or neither?



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