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Re: wide characters and i18n

On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 08:17:32AM -0400, Ken Hornstein wrote:
> You know, this sort of illustrates the problem I've always had with
> I18N, which is: what the hell are you talking about?
> I try to understand, I really do ... I've been trying to understand for
> approximately 10 years now.  But every time I try to read something written
> by someone who understands what is going on, I get lost, and I have never
> really seen anyone explain the answers to some basic questions:
[questions snipped]
> I'm not saying anyone should feel obligated to answer these questions (but,
> hey, if you have a good reference, I'd be glad to read it), but I'm trying
> to illustrate the information gap that prevents some people from participating
> in these discussions in a meaningful way.

I found this one day and it was very useful in explaining both to me and
my colleagues what this stuff is all about in a down-to earth manner:

You'll have to excuse the condescending tone this article sometimes assumes,
I guess the author was as frustrated as you are right now :)

After reading this you can decide whether you want to dive into the gory
details and read Unicode specifications :)

"The process of preparing programs for a digital computer
 is especially attractive, not only because it can be economically
 and scientifically rewarding, but also because it can be an aesthetic
 experience much like composing poetry or music."
                                                        -- Donald Knuth

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