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Re: debug sets?

On Thu, 1 Jul 2010, David Young wrote:

It's handy to build NetBSD with MKDEBUG=yes, which puts debugging
information for every program (and library?) in /usr/libdata/debug/.
I'd build every release with MKDEBUG=yes, except that the standard set
files, especially comp.tgz, get very, very big, and a MKDEBUG release
for i386 does not fit on a CD-ROM.

What if we introduced two new sets for debugging information, debug.tgz
and xdebug.tgz (for the X11 bits), and an option to divide a release
between the usual ISO9660 image and a second image that holds just the
debug sets---e.g., i386cd.iso and i386debugcd.iso?

Great idea!

But we should still retain the option of creating a single bootable DVD with everything, if possible, rather than forcing a split onto multiple media.

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