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Re: Separating obsolete entries from file lists

On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Antti Kantee <> 
> IMHO setlists aren't meant to be human-readable.  In a perfect world
> they would not torment us at all.  Well, even in an acceptably good
> world they would not torment us.


> Anyway, how does separating obsolete files into another file help your
> process of importing a new version of atf?  I don't really see it being
> easier this way or that way.  Personally, I introduce so few obsolete
> files that it's easier for me to search for the to-be-obsoleted filename
> and replace the end of the line with "obsolete" (and get complained to
> because i got the syspkg setname wrong).  nb. this is not an objection,
> just curiosity.

If we put them in a separate file, I think we can, for example,
automatically fill in the syspkg set name as well as the obsolete tag.
 So obsoleting files would just be a matter of moving their names to a
separate file and just removing the extra cruft from those lines.

Also, keeping the main list without crap makes it easier to spot
things that could be deleted/simplified.  I am currently using the
PLIST in pkgsrc for this purpose, for example.

Julio Merino

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