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PostScript in mandoc now available.


I notice that joerg@ just checked in the build glue for mdocml-1.10.2 in NetBSD. This is good news.

First, background.  When mandoc (nà mdocml) was first mentioned here,

one of the issues raised with missing PostScript functionality.

Under the auspices of Google's SoC, this is no longer the case: the checked-in version has support for PostScript output via -Tps. This stands alongside the existing outputs of the terminal (-Tascii), HTML (-Thtml), XHTML (-Txhtml), and linting (-Tlint).

At the moment, -Tps produces monospaced, font-styled output. Variable fonts are currently in development (as I work on parsing glyph widths and doing the unicode dance), along with a -Tpdf option to keep pace with -Tps. PDF support isn't technically part of the GSoC project, but it's related in terms of implementation space.

Anyway, invoking the PostScript driver is easy:

Please let me know, those of you who make heavy use of the current -Tps option to troff, whether there are any neat functions you'd like used, e.g., the option to output A4 instead of US-letter.

Kristaps "Mischka"

PS, mandoc was also discussed recently on undeadly, which may be of interest:

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