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Re: CVS commit: src/games/factor

I will inject my only comment here...

Neither side has offered any authoritative sources for their respective arguments. Since neither of the primary participants appears to be a recognized authority on the subject, the entire discussion is nothing more than "amusing".

Seriously, guys, if you can't provide any authoritative references, let's spend all this energy on more productive pastimes?

On Tue, 18 May 2010, Aleksej Saushev wrote:

Kristaps Dzonsons <> writes:

You have never given neither definition nor rationale for it except
references to some unknown authority, everything you have done so far is
you have shown your faithful commitment into what you were told ex cathedra.
I repeat once again, bring definition _and_ rationale behind it, definition
without rationale isn't what we talked here before you single-handedly
decided to coerce everyone to accept your point of view using advantage
of the first move.

Aleksej, Joerg is correct by definition.  It's as simple as
that.  0 and 1 are not prime.  Full-stop.

Kristaps, Joerg is incorrect by definition. It is as simple as that.
0 and 1 are prime. Full-stop.

The following explanations may help you to understand the
definition of "prime" common in the literature and how this
relates to 0 and 1:

Neither reply of those include any rationale, definition is taken
ex cathedra. No explanation is provided, only definitions.

If you disagree with these as well, I welcome you to publish a
proof in a math journal (not here) to the contrary.  You may
find yourself heavily criticised by your reviewers.  This is not
a matter of progressive thinking or differing "schools", but
simple math.

Consider this as publication, provide critical review not based on
appeals to your teacher, lecturer or books you read. So far you've
failed to do that, you only repeated the same non-critical arguments
based on faith or anything else but not reason.


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