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Proposed Go (Google's Go Language) port to NetBSD

[ Bcc'd to netbsd-users.  I suggest discussion belongs on
  tech-userlevel, but that's only a suggestion, as ever. ]

Hi all,

I'm working on porting Google's "Go" language to NetBSD, at least
for the amd64 and i386 ports.

I am far enough along that I think there's a decent chance that I'll
finish.  (Volunteer projects, no promises, no schedules, you know the
drill, and there's some work left to do yet.)

There is an issue open with Google for the port:

and I have set up a blog with links to the current incomoplete patches

(How well a blog will work I don't know.  We'll see.  Hosting at
googlecode or sourceforge or ... would also be possible.)

Obviously, if other people are interested in helping, I'm willing
to share the work.  And the credit. :-)  If someone wants to work
on an arm port in parallel, that would be particularly interesting.
I don't have any arm hardware or knowledge of the instruction set.

FYI the language has been ported (by Google) to Linux and OS X;
a FreeBSD port has been added to Google's source, and there is
apparently a reasonably functional Windows port.



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