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Re: FreeBSD i18n fonts for wscons

> UTF-8 is a 7bit encoding...
UTF-8 is _variable length_ encoding. Geert has explained it nicely.

> Also you cant write typographically correct text in ISO-8851-{1,2}. Period.
I don't give a shilling about ISO-8859-1. Typographical correctness doesn't
concern me at all. I need KOI8, and wscons.conf with "iso" (understandably)
doesn't display anything in the range 128-160, which is where KOI8 keeps
about a half of its pseudographic characters. "ibm" and "pcvt", as far as I
can tell from personal experience, have their own ideas about where
pseudographics should reside, too, so none of these options works here. In my
attempts to get things working I actually switched from wscons to pcvt and
tryed to port an OpenBSD patch addressing the problem. It's nowhere near
complete, but mostly does the job (FSVO "does"). Having a "custom" setting
which makes no assumptions whatsoever about what resides in 128-255 and just
displays it would be a big win.

Best regards.

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