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Re: FreeBSD i18n fonts for wscons

On Wed, Feb 03, 2010 at 02:39:39PM +0100, Adam Hoka wrote:
> > UTF-8 is a 7bit encoding...
> Blah, I mean 8.

Blah, it is a variable-width encoding taking anything from 1 to 4 bytes per

Lower-ASCII characters take 1 byte, all the rest takes more.  Eg. a Russian
text will take two bytes per character (except spaces and punctuation),
thus will consume nearly twice the amount of storage compared to KOI8-R.
But this was considered a non-issue in the design of UTF-8 (and I tend to

For my own (limited) use of upper-ISO-8859-1 characters in e-mail, the
space gain from using single byte encoding simply annihilated because
declaring "iso8859-1" in the headers takes more space than "utf-8". :-)


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