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Re: FreeBSD i18n fonts for wscons

>> Who does still use an 8bit national charset (except Windows)?
> I do.

I don't know about "national", but I normally use 8859-1, occasionally
others for special purposes (eg, KOI-8, 8859-7).

My use of wscons, though, is pretty much font-blind: I act as though I
have an 8859-1 display device, sending text in 32-126 and 160-255; I
get whatever the font has in those positions.  Most of the time this is
the default "VGA" font, meaning I don't actually get 8859-1 display; so
far this hasn't bothered me enough to make me fix it (eg, by finding
and using a font with 8859-1 glyphs in those positions).

>> It's so last century.

I'm more concerned about usability than about satisfying someone else's
idea of what constitutes acceptably new-&-cool.  I've tried to use
10646 fonts and so far have never managed to make the X server load
them.  I haven't yet put together the motivation and leisure to figure
out whether it's something I'm doing wrong or a bug in the server or

You may notice a common thread here about how I haven't bothered to fix
issues.  This gives some idea of how (non)critical the issue is for me.

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