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re: fetch_pkg_vulnerabilities enabled by default (was: CVS commit: src/etc)

thanks for adding the ability to do this easily by default.  that
will save me an daily.local snippet i've been copying around to most
of my machines for some time.

however, i agree with others on how this should work.

   >> > I object for enabling that by default and you haven't answered my
   >> > concerns when you brought this up.
   > Nothing in NetBSD should phone home by default.
   Well, why?  You wrote "should", so that's open to interpretation.
   Anyway: having a list of all components that call home (callhome(7)?)
   as a manpage would be good and being able to disable/enable such
   behavior from sysinst too.  As to what the default should be in the
   /etc/defaults config files, at that point I wouldn't care.

the point remains that you changed a default we've had for over
a decade.  please revert this part.  it should not be enabled by
default (even tho i am likely to enable it almost everywhere.)

incidentally, i've seen many systems without consistent network
connection but with packages installed.


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