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Re: tn3270, mset and map3270

Am 16.01.2010 um 22:24 schrieb Simon Burge:

> Roy Marples wrote:
>> tn3270 has now been removed
> I've just discovered that this thread discussed deleting a still
> working program (not that you could guess that from the subject
> line).
> Could you please make sure that the functionality you removed from
> the base system is at least available in pkgsrc?  In this case, a
> curses-based tn3270 emulator.  The only emuldator I can see in
> pkgsrc is x11/x3270 which (seems to, by its name and the DESCR
> file) require an X server.

I was in favour of its removal, so I allow myself to chime in here.  There is 
x3270 in pkgsrc which you can use as a replacement.  The mailing list thread 
makes me think that you are the only user of tn3270.  So I guess it would be 
easiest, if you really need the program, to keep a local copy.

It makes no sense to put it in pkgsrc, since nobody besides you needs this 
outdated and superfluous piece of software.  And there will be the day when 
mainframes are gone for ever ;)

BSD is dying since 1970... Since when is the mainframe dying, btw?

;) - Marc

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