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Re: tn3270, mset and map3270

On Jan 11, 2010, at 6:03 PM, Roy Marples wrote:

> Hi List
> Whilst working on my terminfo foo, I discovered tn3270(1), mset(1) and 
> map3270(5). It looks like FreeBSD removed this in their 4.0 release whilst 
> OpenBSD still have it. It refers heavily to termcap and the fact that it's 
> buggy and slow. Is it something we wish to keep, or should I update all 
> termcap references to terminfo and move src/share/termcap/map3270 up a level?

This sounds like a great thing to be in pkgsrc; I find it hard to believe that 
enough people use it today to justify it being in the base system.

Not that I'm volunteering to do the work...

                --Steve Bellovin,

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