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Re: interface name optional in wake(8)

On Mon, 4 Jan 2010 09:47:01 +0100
Marc Balmer <> wrote:

> The goal is that in the common case where a machine has only one NIC, the 
> interface specifier on the command line can be left out.

Personally I wouldn't mind at all having to always specify the
interface (or having to set an environment variable or create a
configuration file to specify the default interface to use), especially
that most of the systems I manage have more than one interface.
This is similar to how disk/filesystem related commands require their
device parameter.

That said, if allowing not to specify an interface and there are
multiple available ones, would it make sense to exit with an error
instead of sending the packet over a random interface?  Unless a flag
is given to use all interfaces, of course.


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