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Re: terminfo married to curses

On 12/08/09 11:29, Roy Marples wrote:
I've finished marrying terminfo to curses and it now requires further

Testing has shown that parallel build with -j4 was broken.
Oddly, -j8 worked fine on my quad core, but it's fixed regardless.
Also sparc64 compat libs are now built.

Thanks to the two people who contacted me about this off list :)

I've now tested on i386, amd64 and (finally!) sparc64 - none have any issues with the various terminals I've tested.

To install, you need to -current sources as of today, expand the
terminfo archive [1] into /usr/src and then apply the patch [2].

Same deal as before.
If you've already installed the patch, the only file changed is libcurses\Makefile which removes the debugging by default (restores prior behaviour)




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