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Re: Lua in NetBSD

Am 29.10.2009 um 08:20 schrieb der Mouse:

>>> And this is were Lua comes into play.  The decoders for the
>>> protocols are written in Lua, and new decoders can thus be added
>>> with ease and without requiring a kernel/userland rebuild.
>> [I]t seems to me that switching to a userland daemon written in an
>> interpreted language is not exactly what one wants for time
>> synchronization.
> My reading was that this depended on Lua-in-the-kernel (which
> admittedly this is the wrong list for, though it is relevant to the
> larger Lua question).

I was not clear then.  I actually meant userland.

>> Things that probably won't persuade me include
>>   - noting that Lua is memory-safe or garbage collected and C isn't,
>>     because these are not serious problems in practice;
> For some use cases they are.  I've done plenty of stuff for which a
> garbage-collected language is (or, in some cases, would be) a big deal.
>>> - easy to learn with a "natural" syntax, not statically typed
>> Lack of static typing is not an advantage.
> Again, for some use cases it is.  (Are any of them compelling enough to
> drive Lua's import?  That's a separate question.)

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