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libbozohttpd and lua

Just to add some fuel to the fires...

I have need of a webserver that can embedded in other things.  I've
taken bozohttpd, and split it into libbozohttpd and a main.c (a short
driver program).  The embedded version still has one iffy bit - the
current way of interrupting output which is taking too long is to have
an alarm(3) raised.  This doesn't scale, and won't embed well.  At the
same time, this raises questions about the whole way of architecting
an embedded server, whilst keeping the small, simple nature of
bozohttpd intact.

The libbozohttpd + main.c version passes all the testsuite tests.

I've also rewritten the driver program as a small lua script (and some
supporting C glue). The lua script is < 160 lines and that includes
license and comments, and all of the options httpd(8) supports.
Feedback on that is solicited and will be gratefully received.

Everything can be found in:


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