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Re: typedef int wchar_t;

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 12:11:43PM +0000, Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> Alexander Nasonov wrote:
> > I'm making wip/icc11 (Intel C++ compiler 11.1) package for NetBSD
> > and I've run into a problem. The C++ compiler fails on > > typedef
> > int wchar_t; > > line because wchar_t is C++ builtin type and it
> > can't be redefined. On all other BSDs this line is guarded by
> > #ifndef __cplusplus.
> After changing 4 files in /usr/include (see the patch below) my
> pkgsrc build runs smoothly. I was able to build all www/firefox
> dependencies (with PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=-fam).

> +#if defined(_BSD_WCHAR_T_) && !(defined(__ICC) && defined(__cplusplus))

As you say, wchar_t is a C++ builtin type, so why do you bother checking
for __ICC too?



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