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Re: PROPOSAL: new libc function allocaddrinfo()

In article <>,
Ty Sarna  <> wrote:
>Writing a nsswitch plugin for getaddrinfo turns out to be rather  
>annoying, because there is no good mechanism to safely allocate the  
>"struct addrinfo" objects to be returned. The naive implementation  
>would be to malloc a struct addrinfo, and then malloc separately for  
>the ai_addr field. However, this results in a leak, because our  
>freeaddrinfo() does not free ai_addr.
>Looking at the libc source, one can see that the addrinfo and sockaddr  
>are allocated together, and copy that approach, however depending on  
>undocumented implementation details like that is a recipe for trouble.  
>There is nothing to say that NetBSD cannot switch to using separate  
>allocations in the future, or that it even has to use malloc at all,  
>for that matter.
>The only safe way for a nss getaddrinfo plugin to obtain new addrinfos  
>seems to be to recursively call getaddrinfo again in such a way as to  
>cause it to return a addrinfo with the appropriate sockaddr allocted  
>(eg inet_ntop the address back to text, and look up with  
>AI_NUMERICHOST) and then fiddle with the result. This is non-obvious,  
>needlessly cumbersome, and inefficient.
>I propose to solve this by introducing a new libc function:
>       struct addrinfo *allocaddrinfo(socklen_t addrlen)
>Which guarantees to allocate a struct addrinfo and associated ai_addr  
>memory of the given size in a way that is compatible with  
>freeaddrinfo. We should also document that ai_canonname is managed  
>with malloc/free and that it is safe for nss plugins to depend on that  
>Internally, libc/net/getaddrinfo.c:get_ai() can also be changed to use  

Sure, I don't see a problem with that.


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