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Re: Add a minimal instance of named early in the boot

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 02:42:24PM +0200, Alan Barrett wrote:
> >From time to time, there has been discussion about dependency loops
> between providing name service and time service early in the boot.
> The problem is that named needs reasonably accurate time for DNSSEC
> signatures, and ntpdate needs a name server to look up host names
> mentioned in its configuration; so which one should we start first?
> I have now implemented the suggestion that I made in
> <>.
> This does the following:
>  * Early in the boot, run an instance of named with a minimal
>    configuration that makes it act only as a caching resolver
>    providing service to the local host.  This is done in a new
>    rc.d script, /etc/rc.d/resolver.
>  * Run ntpdate after that caching resolver has started.  This is
>    done in /etc/rc.d/ntpdate, almost exactly as before, but now
>    "resolver" is added to the REQUIRE list.
>  * Run a full-featured instance of named later, and kill the
>    minimal instance of named when the full-featured instance
>    starts.  This is done in /ec/rc.d/named, much as before, but
>    now with "REQUIRE: SERVERS ntpdate", as compared with the old
>    "REQUIRE: SERVERS", or the "REQUIRE: NETWORKING mountcritremote
>    syslogd" that was introduced in a recent change by Perry.
> I append a patch relative to -current.
> [...]

Looks great, Alan - thanks for following this one up (and I speak as
the one with the original complaint from March 2005) - and looks like
it would work with ntpd -g as well as ntpdate.


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