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Re: CVS commit: src/etc/rc.d

> Since you don't run bind, moving the point where bind would have been
> started earlier in the rc scripts has no impact on you whatsoever.
> You won't notice anything at all.

If you could be certain that's all that would happen, this might be a
valid argument.  But rcorder is handed a partial order (in the form of
the various comments in rc.d files) and has a lot of leeway in
constructing the total order that is its output; this change may well
end up moving the point when ntpdate runs rather than moving the point
when bind runs (or doesn't run), and might even end up doing both (as
measured relative to other files).  Depending on the implementation of
rcorder - I certainly don't find any statement about this in the
manpage, the closest thing I know of for an interface spec for rcorder,
in 4.0.1 at least - it may even reorder other files relative to one

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