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[RFC] TRE in libc

as I announced in April [1], my project during this year's Google
Summer of Code was to implement an efficient regular expression engine

For this purpose I ported TRE [3] to NetBSD [4]. I'm almost finished,
only the re_format(7) man page has to be rewritten (this will take
another week) and the test "framework" which I put together has to
be reviewed.

The deadline is near and therefore, I would like to ask you to review
the current code (I also attached a patch for tre, so it is easier
to see the changes which I have made). Especially the man pages need
a careful review, because writing the man pages was a hard task for me.

I will send the re_format(7) man page and the test "framework" to
tech-userlevel in the next days.

You can also checkout the entire source code via CVS:

$ export
$ cvs login
$ cvs co -P widechar-regex




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