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[PATCH] preparing libcurses for terminfo

Hi List.

curses(3) currently uses termcap(3)
I'm working on changing it to use my terminfo implementation instead, and have come across some pitfalls.

For whatever brain-dead reason, terminfo defines commonly used words as macros, such as lines, columns and pad_char. There is also a macro conflict with a NetBSD only extension, curses_color(3).

I've prepared a patch for libcurses to fix this - renaming **lines to **alines in the __window struct and pad_char to padchar. I've renamed the function no_color_video to no_color_attributes and added a strong alias to that from no_color_video so we're still binary compatible.

This allows libcurses to compile using term.h, but retains everything termcap. I'll be comitting this soonish, so any eyes or concerns should be raised now.



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