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Re: Perfect hash function generator

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 03:35:02PM -0400, der Mouse wrote:
> > First, I'd like the integrate the Jenkins hash function into libc.
> > [...]  As the man page states, the prototype goes into string.h.  The
> > primary reason to make this libc and not e.g. libutil is to allow all
> > parts of the system to use it without pulling in libutil.
> That's a reason to put it in libc, maybe.  It's not a reason to put it
> in string.h, though.

There are already non-standard functions in string.h and I think it
logically fits best. The second alternative would be stdlib.h like e.g.

> As a software author, I find it really _really_ annoying the way each
> new release of NetBSD breaks code that formerly worked by preempting
> new names, formerly in the user's namespace, in common include files
> (such as <string.h>).

Adding new interfaces happens all the time. I consider the collission
chance for this relatively low, see e.g. getline() for much worst

> I don't see any fix for this for globally-visible names, though using
> weak references and private names can help in some cases.

Weak references don't help if libraries are actually expected to use the
function. The weak reference trick is libc local.

> In this particular case, isn't <string.h>'s contents specified by a
> standard?  Or is that <strings.h>?  Or am I just misremembering?

The content of string.h is part of various standards. If there is sane
behavior for wanting to reuse the name is another question. strings.h is
originally BSD specific.


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