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Extension to snprintb(3)


Having recently purchased a couple of new processors, and trying to make the output from cpuctl(8) look reasonable when decoding the various CPU features, it's become apparent that the current snprintb(3) is somewhat awkward to use. For large bit masks, one either has to manually "split" the desired value across multiple calls (which leads to drastiscally uneven line lengths and/or an unnecessarily large number of short lines) or suffer from excessively long lines.

I propose a modified version of snprintb(3) which fills its output buffer only with complete bit/field values. In addition to the current return value, this modified version would take an additional u_quad_t argument which would be set to the bit(s) that were NOT decoded in the current output. This would allow one to repeatedly call the new function, with a fixed-sized buffer, until all bits were decoded, and would result in output lines that were reasonably equal in length.

Is this a reasonable idea? Any suggestion on what this new function should be called?

int snprintbx(char *buf, size_t buflen, const char *fmt, u_quad_t *val);

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