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Re: Binary patch generation script (initial version)


On Sat, May 02, 2009 at 04:18:35AM +0100, Alistair Crooks wrote:
> The NetBSD Foundation encourages use of the 2 clause license. This
> would be better:

I'm going to change that in all locations in the end; right now it's
3-claused, yes. Please note that this script is part of the project
I introduced earlier, it lives in the directory "provider". Thus I
chose to be consistent for now.

> Are you using GNU awk specific constructs? If so, please change them
> to one true awk ones.
> For pkgsrc-based utilities, you need to make these much more general.

As I wrote, this script is already configure'd on a NetBSD host. It was
just made available to everyone in a useful shape before I update the
package in pkgsrc.

The AWK=gawk has indeed been set by configures AC_PROG_AWK macro.

> As already indicated, please consider the use of netpgp and the
> existing web of trust. There's a package in pkgsrc/security/netpgp.

That would mean changing the current patch format entirely and
rewriting the other tools; I'd prefer to get them running first
and to introduce a new patch format with PGP later if required.
For now, OpenSSL was chosen in order to add as few out-of-base
dependencies as possible.


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