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Re: fflagstostr(3) / strtofflags(3)

In article 
Arnaud Lacombe <> wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I'd like to import FreeBSD[0]'s fflagstostr(3) / strtofflags(3)
>function into libc. The files are available there:
>and the attached patch should be enough to register everything. I hope
>I didn't forgot anything. I'm not sure however if prototypes in
>`unistd.h' are well placed.
>Is there any objections about this ?

man stat_flags

But if Flea renamed them, we could do the same. The history of those
functions is that they appeared with our name in ls, xinstall, chflags,
and find, and moved them all to libutil without renaming. I don't want
to keep two copies though, and this probably means bumping the major
of libutil.


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