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Re: BeastieBox, a (Net)BSD BusyBox-like

In article <>,
James K. Lowden <> wrote:
>Arnaud Lacombe wrote:
>> using nm(1), objcopy(1) and symbol renaming as
>> done by crunchgen(1).
>Is it possible, in principle, to use objcopy to modify the RPATH of an
>executable or shared library?  

Yes, if the new RPATH uses less space than the old.

>I started work once on "delinker" that broke an ELF binary into its
>constituent parts with the intention of allowing some of them to be
>modified, later to be pasted back together, adjusting the offsets.  That
>project is itself in pieces on the floor, but perhaps objcopy anticipated
>my idea.  

There is no program that I know of smart enough to allocate new space
for a longer RPATH.


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