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Re: BeastieBox, a (Net)BSD BusyBox-like

I think it's a great goal, but I'm not happy about seeing a lot of new
#ifdefs in the base system.  #ifdefs make code hard to read and hard to
test; they'll also make your code fragile, because someone working in
the main branch will add something but never test compilation, let
alone behavior, in the #ifdef'd section.

agree. Now, the reason why I was thinking it this way was not to pollute the base system, but either "forking it". I'm really not a project-forking-fan, but I doubt there will be a "beastiebox" target on NetBSD's toplevel Makefile one day, and my guess was that it would be easier to import new features from the official base system this way.

I think it's worth some thought on how best to do this.

I'd be pleased :)


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