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Re: Incompatible seq behaviour

On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 02:34:34PM +0200, Michiel Buddingh' wrote:

> Either:
> * Work on Bug-for-Bug compatibility with GNU seq (as the original
>   author puts it).  If this is deemed the best solution, I'm willing to
>   invest some time in this.  Alternatively, match the behaviour of
>   Plan9 seq, but I'm not sure this is preferable.
> * Remove seq from the base system, make it available as a
>   package.  FreeBSD doesn't include a seq by default, I'm not sure about
>   Solaris or OS X.
> * import seq from GNU coreutils

Doesn't look like Mac OS X / Darwin ever had a seq utility. Did a quick
search in the Solaris 9 documentation, no seq utility.

Just a sidenote! ^_^

-Joe Konno

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