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Re: UTF8 (Was: [PATCH] replace 0xA0 to whitespace in plain text files (part 2))

On Fri, 12 Sep 2008 13:17:06 +0200
Ignatios Souvatzis <> wrote:

> Fonts are not the problem, at least with X11 - but curses eats what
> looks to it like highbit-set (iso-8859-foo-like) control characters,
> e.g. one of the bytes of the utf-8-sequence of ß, so I'm not too
> happy with it. (That's for 4.0 - I think some work was in progress
> to change this?)
> Regards,
>       -is
> -- 
> seal your e-mail:
UTF-8 w/ X11 is not an issue. However, UTF-8 will be a major pain to handle
in CLI only environment. I'd be very happy to use 7 different languages in a
single file, but not at the price of breaking everything else. And it's not
only curses. I very much doubt wscons can handle fonts with more than 256
characters. All keymaps, ksh, etc. will have to be reworked, too.

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