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Re: [PATCH] C99: implement c99 wrapper script

On Fri, 5 Sep 2008, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
Implement /usr/bin/c99 script as wrapper for cc to run in C99 compatible
For 1-line scripts, it was agreed to omit the copyright header that's make
the file 10times bigger than needed. See true & false for examples.
I have no objections, but I've copy from c89. There are two ways:\
- leave c89 as is and put c99 in similar
- drop this copyrigth from all of the one-line scripts in NetBSD,
starting from c89.

True. I've asked the copyright holder of the c89 script if it's ok to ditch that copyright. Nonetheless, you shouldn't repeat that in c99, it's your code. :-)

FYI, the copyright holder oc the c89 script has agreed to remove the copyright notice. This is already committed, see src/gnu/usr.bin/c89/

 - Hubert

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