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Re: RFC - add snscanf(3) to stdio

> In using sscanf() on lines retrived with fgetln(), I ran into an
> annoying bug with sscanf() - it calls strlen() on the buffer being
> passed in.

I'm not sure it's really fair to call this a bug; it just means that
sscanf()'s interface is not well suited to your application.

> This makes it unsuitable for use on text that is returned with
> fgetln() without whacking it with a gratutious \0

...which is an invalid thing to do, since you're not allowed to modify
the returned string beyond the returned size value.  (Unless you stamp
on the newline, I suppose, but the newline is not guaranteed to be

> Thus I'd like to introduce [snscanf and vsnscanf]

I like them.

> Is there a need for fsnscanf()?  I'm not convinced but could be...

I'm not even sure what it would mean.  The difference between fscanf
and sscanf is where the input comes from; based on the name, fsnscanf()
appears to be taking input from two places at once (and limiting the
length, but that's a separate issue).

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