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[GSoC 2008] fs-utils: File system access utilities


A brief status report of my Google Summer of Code project: fs-utils

- What it is ?

The aim of this project is to write a set of utilities to access and modify a
file system image without having to mount it (you do not have to be root, you
just need read/write access to the image).

Thanks to the UKFS and RUMP library it runs in userland with the file system
source code from the kernel. Since it runs in userland, it does not require to
modify the kernel.

- See website for building and running instructions, as well as examples :

- Status update

You can find the first steps of the project on its webpage.

After mid-term I added new features and rewrote some commands to make
them use the altered version of fts, so as to remain as close as
possible to the original command source code.

- After SoC

From now on, I am going to work on the integration of this project
into NetBSD. I will also keep on adding new functionnalities :)

Arnaud Ysmal

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