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Re: Would you accept a small patch to make window(1) work on non-BSD systems?

>> Actually, ~all *BSD users use GNU Screen too. :)

Where did you get that statistic?  I wasn't aware of anyone even
_trying_ to track such things.  (I know *I* don't use screen, GNU or
otherwise, but that doesn't mean much.)

> FWIW, I have a major overhaul of window(1) in the works, [...]

Does it fix any of the bugs? :-)  (I'm aware of three, and of those
only one is at all reproducible.  That one is that occasionally, I find
myself in a state wherein starting window instantly cores - when it
does this it does it consistently, but I haven't yet looked close
enough to characterize when it does it.  The second is rather pessimal
redraw behaviour in the presence of a screen split into two half-width
full-height windows.  The third is that sometimes, in the presence of a
lot of output to one window, updates of another will lose output

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