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Re: Would you accept a small patch to make window(1) work on non-BSD systems?

> Traditionally, the window(1) terminal multiplexer (src/usr.bin/window/) is 
> has 
> always only worked on *BSD.  Linux users use a different terminal multiplexer 
> such as GNU Screen instead.  But it's not hard to make it build with GNU Make 
> on non-BSD platforms.  I got it to build with GNU Make on the Cygwin 
> platform.  If I submit the changes I made to get it to build (a GNUmakefile 
> plus I think 1 or 2 lines of ifdef code), could you kindly accept it into the 
> NetBSD source tree?  I know it's not your job to accept non-NetBSD-related 
> patches, but if you would accept the patch, it would make things far easier 
> for non-BSD users who want to use window(1).

NetBSD's source does include various portability code for non-NetBSD.

Send your patch.

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