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Re: vi vs. nvi

> > These days, NetBSD is shipping two versions of vi, /usr/bin/vi and
> > /usr/bin/nvi.
> That's obviously a mistake.  Whoever accidentally set things up so that
> nvi gets installed should just undo it.

I think the point of installing nvi is to get it tested, without
the risk of breaking "vi" for all users.

The old vi is based on nvi version 1.79.  The new nvi is based on
nvi version 1.81.5.  According to doc/3RDPARTY:

   We have lots of local bug fixes, and the point of importing 1.81.x would
   be to get multibyte characters support. For now this means waiting for
   additions in our libcurses.

Apparently, our curses is now mature enough, so some steps along
this path has been taken.

The configure script of the new nvi appears to have an option to
turn on or off the wide characters support, but it does not
appear that the reach-over Makefile in usr.bin/nvi/build/ runs
configure; rather the configure part currently appears to be done
as a step in the import, ref. nvi2netbsd in dist/nvi/.


- Håvard

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