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Re: /bin/sh tilde expansion

On 14-Jul-08, at 7:05 PM, James K. Lowden wrote:

Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc. wrote:
It seems tilde expansion is broken for /bin/sh (on NetBSD-4 at least)
when the command is "export".

That's not exactly it, although I'm not sure what is.  Consider this

$ cat Makefile.tilde
        ls > /tmp/.t
        mv /tmp/.t /tmp/t
        mv /tmp/t ~/
$ make -f Makefile.tilde
ls > /tmp/.t
mv /tmp/.t /tmp/t
mv /tmp/t ~/
mv: rename /tmp/t to ~/: Not a directory
*** Error code 1

That's the result of an entirely different issue, and one with "make", not "sh".

The '~' is not expanded in those commands because "make" never executes /bin/sh to run them -- instead it directly executes /bin/mv.

Try this makefile:

                true && echo ~

Perhaps "make" should recognize '~' as a shell meta-character, but I'd say anyone writing makefiles with such constructs (i.e. instead of using $$HOME explicitly) is just asking for big trouble.

As for the original problem, well it's not just "export" -- it's any parameter for any normal command where the '~' is not the first character in the parameter, eg.:

        sh -c 'echo foo=~/bar'

If you look in the /bin/sh sources you'll find there's a hack for expanding '~' in variable assignments, either alone as separate statements, or prior to the command name, eg.:

        sh -c 'foo=~/bar sh -c "echo \$foo"'

Ksh seems to always expand the '~', and indeed the /bin/sh code does call the literally call its own handling of '~' in variable assignments a ``hack''.

HOWEVER, from my cursory reading of the Single UNIX Specification it would seem that /bin/sh is conforming as-is -- i.e. the tilde character is only to be recognized and expanded if it is an unquoted character at the beginning of a word (except in an assignment where multiple tilde-prefixes can be used with subsequent ones recognized after any unquoted colon character).

                                        Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.

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