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Re: update dist/bind in netbsd-3-1

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
What mailing list is correct to discuss this?

Okay to update src/dist/bind for netbsd-3-1 from BIND 9.3.2 to 9.3.5?

Or would that only be for netbsd-3?

If I were you I'd update netbsd-3 first and get that settled. In terms of getting the changes into netbsd-3-0 and netbsd-3-1 these are 'critical/security branches' so you would have to take this up with releng and see what they say.

Also why stay with 9.3.x ? If your going to bother with an upgrade go to 9.4.x.

What is the policy for doing this?

Come up with a patch, test it and submit it.

Anyone responsible or interested in doing this?

And what is the procedure for doing this?

        - remove $ from $Id ?
        - add $NetBSD in comments ?

Can only "releng" commit this?

Only releng can commit to the netbsd-3,3-0 and 3-1 branches.

The cvs log mentions an "upgrade script". What/where is that?

Try ?

And what is src/dist/bind/EXCLUDED?

I don't see that here

Looking closer I see updates were done for

src/dist/bind/bin/named/query.c (different that change in later 9.3.5)

These could be security updates - check the CVS logs

src/dist/bind/bin/tests/names/dns_label_countbits_data (not in 9.3.5)

src/dist/bind/bin/tests/names/dns_label_getbit_data (also unknown)

src/dist/bind/bin/tests/nxtify.c (also unknown)



and others in "tests"

but weren't mentioned in CHANGES.

The entire diff from official 9.3.2 to our 9.3.2 is 105125 lines so I think there are other changes too but I didn't see them all.

If I were you I'd diff the 9.3.2 and 9.3.5 releases from ISC, clean out all the RCS cruff, apply it to src/dist/bind and see what happens.

From 9.3.2->9.3.5 I see 747 files changed, 50872 insertions(+), 38216 deletions(-)

With any luck you'll only have a few conflicts :)


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