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tcpdump man page issues

Trying to figure out output for tpdump for DNS:

The manpage entries for "UDP Name Server Requests" and "UDP Name Server 
Responses" are missing some details and documents in wrong place.

Looked at nameser.h and print-domain.c source. For request, + is recursion 
desired; and % is checking disabled.

The % is not documented as far as I see.

For response, * is authoritative, - is recursion avail, | is truncated 
set, and $ is authenticated.  

The $ is not documented as far as I see.

Also using DNSSEC and getting ad response back with dig, tcpdump didn't 
show any "$".

Do I submit this to tcpdump upstream or commit to our own source? or both? 
(Maybe after freeze?)

  Jeremy C. Reed

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