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Re: sh -e changes broke pkgsrc

> This seems to boil down to a documentation issue.
Another bug in that spec.
Subsentence of

   -e When this option is on, if a simple command fails for any of the
   reasons listed in Consequences of Shell Errors or returns an exit
   status value >0, and is not a pipeline preceded by the ! reserved
   word, then the shell shall immediately exit.

simple_command is NOT a pipeline BY DEFINITION.

I'll try to make a resume for the tests from the original PR (as originator).

1) IMHO it makes sense to process && and || just like most other shells do.
   (though I personally whould like to see "exit if compound command fails"
   logic :-( )

   That is
     'true && false' should exit
     'false && anything' should NOT exit
     'false || false' should exit

2) 'anything | false' should exit just like most shells do

   '! true' should exit just like most shells do

   '! anything | true' should exit just like most shells do

3)       true | false &
         wait $job

  should exit

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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