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Re: Bottomline - Going LDAP.

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 05:20:27PM +0200, Anders Magnusson wrote:
> So,
> there were not many concerns about what I sent out a few weeks ago, I
> think it can be summarized as:
> - Text files must still work (nobody said anything else...)

I thought there were a lot of concerns expressed about how it was
worded.  If you are just adding to the nsswitch capability, the
consensus seemed that it was ok.  I didn't get the feeling that
wholesale replacement or making LDAP the default preferred blessed
method was fine.  Did I miss something?

> - ypserv can exit base system if there is a compatibility replacement
> for it.

If we have syspkgs working. :-) 
Otherwise my inclination would be no.  NIS still has its place.
LDAP/NIS shims do have issues.  LDAP is much heavier than NIS,
right?  Also there is the issue ypserv bit rotting.

Or are you saying your new LADP solution would talk NIS?

> ...which means that I should come up with a more hands-on RFC about how
> to get there in the nearest days :-)

Maybe the RFC will answer these questions. :-)

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