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Re: [GSoC] Atfify - introduction

On Tue May 13 2008 at 10:40:12 +0200, Lukasz Strzygowski wrote:
> Hello Devs,
> My name is ?ukasz Strzygowski, I'm 19 years old, first year comp-sci student,
> new to NetBSD. I've been accepted for this year's Google Summer of Code to
> convert remaining regression tests to ATF and meanwhile to possibly improve
> ATF itself. My mentor is Julio M. Merino Vidal. You can read more about my
> project on its website[1] (it's rather sparse at the moment, but I'll keep
> there all relevant information, including regular status reports). You can
> contact me on mail[2] or jabber[3]. I will be happy to receive any feedback.

Good luck with the project.  I think this is a very important project
and I'm happy to see people with interest for quality control.  It's a
lot of work, but the impact of that work is tremendous in the long run.


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